May 25-26, 2017      09.00-17.00     Sicimoğlu Yalısı, İstanbul   in English 


We seek and admire leaders that are able to inspire others with a gripping vision. But how do you - responsibly - develop your visionary side as a leader? How do you grow and nurture the mind set of an inspirational leader? How do you create a vision that guides and compels (without falling into the traps of "tunnel vision")? And how do you communicate your story so that your followers follow from the heart?

One of the most fundamental leadership qualities made practical by one of  the world's leading thought leaders in this field. A program that serves you a life time!

Learn how to personally grow your visionary side. Generate visionary perspectives and prime you mind for future disruptions. Reflect on productive behaviors, identify growth opportunities, and practice new ways of embracing the future. Learn how to inspire and ignite others through authentic, visionary communication.



What to expect? 

The program offers a deep dive into one of the most fundamental leadership qualities, the ability to guide and inspire others with compelling future-oriented perspective. Over two days, Rob-Jan de Jong unfolds the theory and practices that are pivotal to developing your visionary side. Moreover, you get to rehearse these practices in a highly interactive, exploratory learning environment. The program combines grounded, in-depth content with several work forms, such as table conversations, personal reflections, duo exercises, and real-time practices.

In the course of 2 days, we will focus on questions such as:

  • What is leadership, what is vision, and how do the two relate?
  • What does a powerful vision consist of?
  • What traps should we be aware of?
  • In other words, what is responsible, visionary leadership really?
  • How do you develop and maintain your personal visionary capacity?
  • What leadership behavior and mindsets should you adopt to achieve visionary growth?


You will learn through various practices such as FutureFacts, FuturePriming and Scenario Planning, how to become better at anticipating the future. You will learn how to develop a productive mind set that helps you to see change early. You will explore the signs and dangers of tunnel vision, and how to avoid it. You will learn the critical structure and essential ingredients for a powerful vision. You will take time to develop your personal visionary story, and learn how to communicate it so that it inspires others to follow you.


Who should attend? 

The module is designed for boardroom executives, senior leaders, management team members, next generation leaders, and those to whom topics such as vision, leadership and inspiration are personally relevant. 




Rob De Jong

Executive Lecturer at the Wharton Business School (USA),

Nyenrode Business University (the Netherlands) and Sabanci Business School

Author of “Anticipate”

Founder of Vongolo Consulting


Profile Rob de Jong

Rob-Jan de Jong (1966, Maastricht, The Netherlands) is founder of Vongolo Consulting, a consulting boutique that combines strategy and leadership development, with cultural transformation and company engagement in novel and refreshing ways. Rob-Jan is a behavioural strategist, who fuses strategy with psychology. He is a world-class expert on the topic of vision development as a leadership quality, and speaks, teaches, consults and writes about this and related subjects such as narcissistic leaders, (avoiding) tunnel vision, unlocking imagination, challenging assumptions, early noticing and responsible, future-oriented leadership.