Why Us?


We believe that learning and development is a continuous process. Our collaborations with companies are ‘learning partnerships’ whereby knowledge is shared; common values are created and sustained by means of a common language and platform. We put effort in making sure that co-creation and co-development is the ultimate mission of all our learning partnerships.

In addition to benefiting from Sabanci University partnerships and our world-class faculty, we work together with renowned trainers both domestic and international, as well as consultants and experts. This in return results in an enrichment of the programs we design and creates a unique value in our educational content.

We follow competition closely; we accurately define corporate competencies needed in constantly changing business environments. We deliver the best solution to your needs using the most efficient tools. Our management training programs are of world-class quality, offering a top-of-the line education.

In Training and Consultancy Services we are able to create custom content and deliver solutions across the organization in every sector. We have a broad, holistic point of view in offering transformational business solutions; we view all areas with a need as a priority.

Through engaging in partnerships with universities, consultants and companies, we offer world-class educational content and services. The journey that we embark on with our partner is of at most importance to us.

You will encounter the same diligence, whether you opt for a 1-day training, a modular education program or a long-term corporate academy partnership.  Sabanci EDU team consists of experts that derive their life source and motivation from ‘transformational development’.

Call us to form powerful partnerships that lead way to authentic content creation and sustainable quality. We are looking forward to accompanying you in your transformational journey.