Change is always one the most important and relevant concepts for companies operating in today’s business world. It is crucial for companies to internalize change within their organization in order to attain business objectives and stay strong amidst competition. Companies change as well as clients and the conditions of competition. This inevitably results in a need for reorganization within the company, to take concrete steps through a thorough understanding of the internal dynamics.

In which cases does this occur?

  • When a new vision and strategy is needed
  • In times of fast paced growth
  • In times of recession
  • When there is inconsistency in corporate performance
  • In time of restructuring
  • In times of downsizing or rightsizing
  • During mergers and acquisitions
  • In privatizations

As the Sabancı University EDU, we engage in:

  • Concretizing corporate culture, attitude and behavior in line with your company vision, goals and strategy
  • Identifying and putting into action mechanisms and techniques to allow managers and employees to adopt the corporate culture
  • Providing a common platform whereby in-house training and other development programs are perceived positively by managers and employees
  • Constructing a working environment based on mutual trust and cooperation
  • Creating a congruency of management style and communication within the top management as well as between top and middle level management
  • Ensuring the focus and efficiency of efforts in attaining company goals 

By means of “Change and Corporate Culture Consultancy Services” we offer white and blue-collar employees in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, energy, construction, manufacturing and pharmaceutical, we:

  • Define your corporate culture that supports your corporate mission and strategy,
  • We itemize the corporate culture by defining values and principles, we concretize it with a code of conduct
  • We make sure that managers and employees take part in this process to increase success of its adoption
  • We create short/medium/long term action plans to attain the right course of conduct and to eliminate the disparity between current and ideal corporate culture
  • We support you in your implementation of the action plans.

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