A revolutionary and much sought-after program, Business Beyond Borders help Turkish firms attain global business objectives, turn global business threats into opportunities and ensure a sustainable global growth.
Global business is in transition and Turkey is the rising star of its region. The future of Turkish companies depends on their success in the globalization of their business. Sabancı EDU conducted an extensive research with leading Turkish managers and experts in the field, and has come up solutions corresponding to different needs in globalization.
Sabanci University EDU Business Beyond Borders program offers dynamic educational content and applications that strengthen managerial competencies, which in return ensures success in attaining global business objectives. 
Politically, economically and culturally, Turkey is at the crossroads in today’s global business.
Each year, Sabanci University EDU designs programs for Executive MAB participants and professionals to get a better acquaintance with the Turkish business dynamics.  Participants attend seminars to get insights into the Turkish economic and social dynamics as well as its cultural richness. They visit top Turkish companies and meet with successful managers.
Sabanci University EDU, a pioneer in this field, is providing International Study Tours to many companies and universities all around the world since 2005.