The mission of the program is to provide infrastructural support to the retail industry, to cultivate a highly skilled workforce, and to enable the Turkish retail industry to flourish through the delivery of training and consultancy services.
The EDU retail program draws its financial source from all Sabanci University units, bringing together faculty members and business professionals. It helps improve the Turkish retail sector by keeping it up-to-date with new insights and knowledge. The EDU retail program operates through strategic partnerships made with experts in this field.
Aspects of the world-class Sabanci EDU retail program services offered are as follows:
1. Consultancy Services
a. Retail Sales Performance Measurement System
i. Creation of custom made sales performance systems and their application
ii. Determining standards of sales performance
iii. Design of coaching systems based on sales statistics
iv. Monitoring of the system to ensure compatibility with the company culture
v. Supervision of the applications of the system: feedback, revision and updates to assure sustainability
b. Situational Analysis
c. Strategic Merchandising and Effective Composition Design of Window Displays
d. Visual merchandising
e. System and processes
f. Creation and execution of training programs for professional growth
2. Training Services
a. Sales Team
i. Sales managers
ii. District managers
iii. Store managers
iv. Sales assistants
b. Retailers
i. Retail owners
ii. Retail managers
iii. Retail employees
c. Employees at headquarters