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EDU is ranked #42 in the world
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Sabanci University, aspiring to become a global reference point for education with a mission of “creating and developing together”, founded its Executive Development Unit in July 2002 to correspond to the growing need to merge theoretical and practical knowledge with local values while keeping track of the latest developments in the business world.

Having an educational concept of development as a process, EDU applies this principle in providing flexible and modular learning programs to improve the management competencies of businesses.

EDU designs its programs together with faculty, managers, consultants, experts, management training institutions and through the formation of university partnerships. The transfer of expertise is based on applying theoretical knowledge to the business situations in Turkey.

EDU focuses on management concepts such as “Strategy”, “Leadership”, “Innovation”, “Change”, “Sales” and “Management”; provides added value to managers and organizations through delivering knowledge that has direct impact on corporate development and business results.

With programs offered in Management Training, Sales and Retailing, Change, Globalization and Marketing; with consulting services given by experts in their domain; with a team specialized in creating and managing corporate academies having a broad holistic management viewpoint, EDU promises to deliver value added to companies it engages in learning partnerships.


Sabancı University Executive Development Unit EDU continues its steady uptrend in the institution-specific customized programs rankings announced annually by the Financial Times. EDU, which entered the lists for the first time in 78th place in 2018, ranked 42nd in 2022, reaching its highest ranking ever. EDU has succeeded in being #1 in Turkey for four consecutive years.

EDU is ahead of many other schools listed especially based on two of the criteria; first in terms of Total Responses Rate and 23rd in terms of “Future Use” in the world.

Ranking Criterias

In the ranking study carried out globally, the Financial Times evaluates a candidate by using the information it gathers about the applicant's activities, and by asking questions to the corporate clients it serves. The evaluation criteria include preparatory work, program design, trainers, new skills and learning, teaching methods used, post-program follow-up efforts, achieving company goals, facility resources, and intention to receive service in the future. In addition, international customers served, overseas programs, growth rate, collaborated schools and faculty diversity are also among the criteria.


As EDU, through the successful journey we embarked since 2002 with our approach of creating and developing together, we have been the only institution from Turkey listed in the Executive Education-Customized Programs World Ranking announced each year by the Financial Times (FT). Continuing our ascent, we are placed as 42th in the 2022 ranking announced this year.

In our forth year on the rankings, we are proud to have left behind some of the world's significant and well-established universities, and to be the only institution that has been entitled to be ranked within the vast geographic region spreading from Italy to India.

Some other remarkable points worth mentioning in the ranking are related to the parameters included among the evaluation criteria. We are first in the world in terms of “Total Response”! We are 23th in the world in terms of “Future Use”.

We have achieved success together with our learning partner companies as well as our contributing training partners, whom we believe we will flourish and prosper collectively in the coming years. We are determined to maintain our pioneering position in the industry, which further enhances the place of our university in the world, leaving a mark on the future.

Going forward, we advance to the future with the power of education and we will achieve this altogether!

Cüneyt Evirgen PhD.
EDU Director


With this results, we once again proved how effective the rapid adaptation of the business model we pursue as EDU is to the ever-changing and developing business order and related training needs of the global world, and its pioneering approach; the unique approach and practices in the learning partnerships, institutional academies and modular programs we have established, operational quality of service as well as the added value created for companies and individuals. We are also proud to be a good example to many institutions in our country and lead the way in executive education in Turkey.

Our goal is to go even higher in Financial Times Executive Education Customised Rankings!

We aim to take place in Financial times Executive Education Open Enrollment Rankings with our Open Enrollment Programs.

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