Advanced Presenting Skills for Leaders

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We have a practical approach based on sound theory as well as first-hand experience and proprietary research. The approach has been proven over many years of working across sectors and industry.

All courses are skills-based and highly practical. The mix of theory to practice is approx. 40-60%. We make extensive use of video, filming and replaying for constructive criticism and immediate, demonstrable improvement. 

Why Should I attend? 

Humility is the new smart. Technical knowledge and experience got you hired, now acquire the strong communication skills that will put you on the leadership fast-track.

What Sets this program apart? 

Provided by an internationally-recognized UK-based communications advisory firm, with more than 20 years working with global firms to support high fly executives in moving upwards in their careers.


The objective is to provide improvements in communication impact, authority and consistency, in order to increase presence and effectiveness.

Our program equips participants with a toolkit of methodologies and skills, giving them a practical approach to maximising their effectiveness when addressing critical audiences, whether internal or external.

What to expect?  

Communicate with a consistent, authoritative, but conversational style, however large / critical the audience

Structure messages to influence a range of audience types, including sceptical and highly knowledgeable audiences

Develop techniques for managing anxiety to appear confident and in control

Incorporate techniques with proven effectiveness in aligning clients with your perspectives and winning them over through proactive, message drive Q&A

Stimulate interaction and discussion with meeting attendees

Develop group dynamics and team interplay

Personal Development Plan

The final video footage will be sent to each participant along with a self-assessment template. The chart provides a breakdown of all elements taught at the course and asks the participant to reflect on their work. Completing the chart requires each participant to re-look at the footage and analyse carefully all dimensions pertaining to their communication. The exercise encourages increased self-awareness and helps the participant to define clear areas of strength and improvement.

After the assessment chart is submitted, the consultant and participant will have a 15' follow up conversation to support the personal development of the executive and define a clear learning agenda for the future.

Who Should attend? 

The course is ideally suited to experienced executives who want to pursue further advancement in their professional careers and would benefit from the communication skills ‘upgrade’ required for business leadership.

The course is provided in English, and participants will be required to present on a business related topic. Proficiency in English is highly recommended. 


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Program Ücreti: 4.600TL + KDV


    • KDV oranı %18'dir.
    • Program bedeli havale/EFT ile veya Akbank Axess/ Yapı Kredi kredi kartlarına vade farksız 3 taksitle ödenebilmektedir.
    • Katılımcılar, program ödemesini tamamlamadan kesin kayıt yaptırmış sayılmazlar.
    • Faturanız, eğitim gerçekleştikten sonra düzenlenmektedir.
    • EDU, yürütmeyi planladığı programların iptal/erteleme/değişiklik hakkını katılımcılara program başlangıç tarihinden 5 iş günü öncesinde bildirimde bulunmak koşulu ile saklı tutar.
    • Program başlama tarihinden 5 iş günü öncesine kadar EDU’ya yapılan yazılı iptal başvurusu halinde katılım bedeli iade edilir.
    • Eğitim başlangıç tarihine 5 iş günü daha az kaldığı durumda yapılan iptal başvurularında ücret iadesi yapılmaz.


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