Sabanci EDU is able to deliver content based on a specific learning need as well as an integrated management consultancy service that includes program conception, execution and performance evaluation.
In other terms, we are able to identify your corporate learning needs accurately, draw out a tailor made program, form a team responsible for the execution of it and monitor the process in every step of the way. As a learning partner, we are co-responsible for all details of the program, including in-class execution and performance evaluation.  
We create platforms to ensure continuity, our learning modules are not confined to fixed dates of in-class learning. We create and monitor web platforms whereby participants can refresh their knowledge and communicate with one another.
We create program regulations in accordance with company needs and we monitor the rules to ensure a successful execution.
You may opt for a package program where training will take place at Sabancı EDU Execution Education Conference Rooms and accommodation will be available at our premises. EDU team will undertake all the logistics and management responsibilities related to the package.
In conclusion, the integrated learning solutions offered by EDU provides a centralized, systematized learning and development service to all its learning partners.